Over the past several weeks, leaders from around the world have gathered in Glasgow to tackle one of the most pressing issues facing the international community today: climate change. The Biden administration’s renewed commitment to the issue is a breath of fresh air compared to the previous administration – but even still, many experts and religious coalitions believe that not enough action is being taken. This week on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, we’ll explore how faith communities are leading the fight for climate justice.

Religious communities have long been active in the fight for climate justice. The Rev. Fletcher Harper, executive director of the national interfaith environmental coalition GreenFaith, will join Rev. Welton Gaddy, host of State of Belief, to discuss the specific actions that GreenFaith and its partners have taken prior to the conclusion of this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties 26 (COP26) in Glasgow.

Since its birth, Texas’ draconian anti-abortion law has been met with justified backlash from diverse advocates, including many people of faith. Contrary to popular belief, religion and reproductive justice are not at odds — in fact, many pro-choice activists point to their religious beliefs as the reason for their advocacy. Henry Gass, a correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor, will sit down with Welton to talk about his recent reporting, ‘I had to stand up and say no’: Pro-choice Christians battle Texas law. 

The religious landscape is changing, and nowhere are these changes more apparent than with Gen Z. The Springtide Research Institute recently released The State of Religion and Young People 2021, an in-depth sociological research report that focuses on young people ages 13 to 25. Executive director Josh Packard joins Welton to share the institute’s latest findings and more details on the overall report.

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