Across the country, Americans are experiencing a constant drumbeat of anxiety, whether prompted by the sure signs of climate change with wildfires and floods, rising white Christian nationalism and extremism, constant gun violence, rising interest rates and a slowing economy – the list goes on. This week on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, we will explore how we can turn this anxiety into action.

A harrowing present means that many are nervous about the direction of the country. Futurists like Ari Wallach, CEO of Longpath Labs and author of Longpath: Becoming the Great Ancestors Our Future Needs, offers antidotes to the toxic short-term thinking that seems epidemic in the 21st Century. He’ll join the Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson on State of Belief to discuss strategies for facing the future with less fear.

Wajahat Ali is a familiar face for viewers of insightful, witty television commentary on the challenges and opportunities of our culture today. A regular contributor to The New York Times, Wajahat will join Katharine to discuss his powerful memoir, Go Back to Where You Came From: And Other Helpful Recommendations on How to Become American, and how we can create a more inclusive and more loving United States.

The Women’s March in 2017 was the largest single-day protest in U.S. history – but the momentum did not end there. Today, the Women’s March continues to fight for a future where gender equity is a reality. Katharine will welcome Caitlin Breedlove, deputy executive director for the Women’s March, to discuss her work organizing, writing and building movements in red states by working across race, class, culture, gender, sexuality and faith.

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