In recent years, there has been plenty of ink spilled about what divides us as Americans. But in order to chart a better path forward, we desperately need to come together and affirm our shared humanity. This week on State of Belief, Interfaith Alliance’s weekly radio show and podcast, we’ll discuss how to promote healing during a challenging moment for our nation.

Last week, you heard from Interfaith Alliance’s new President and CEO, the Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, in discussion with his two predecessors about Interfaith Alliance’s history of advancing true religious freedom. This week, we’re delighted to bring you Part II of that conversation. Paul will join presidents emeriti Rabbi Jack Moline and Rev. Welton Gaddy to share some personal stories – and a vision for the future of the Alliance and State of Belief.

This past Supreme Court term was a resounding victory for religious extremists – and a devastating loss for proponents of individual freedom and democracy. But instead of declaring “mission accomplished,” organized elements of the Religious Right are laying the groundwork to continue stripping away rights incompatible with their theocratic view of our nation. Investigative Journalist Sarah Posner is back with an unsettling piece in The Nation Magazine headlined, The Southern Baptist Convention’s Deal With the Devil.

Over the past few decades, heartbreaking revelations about the sexual abuse of children in various religious entities have surfaced across this country. Todd McKay is one of the many Americans who has seen firsthand the horrific impact abuse can have, and he’s on a mission to ensure the needs of abuse survivors are not so difficult to meet. This week, Todd will join Jack to discuss his new initiative, Help;Hear;Heal.

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