May 24-25 2008

This week on State of Belief, host Welton Gaddy speaks with journalist Jeff Sharlet about his investigation into “The Family”, a top secret religious network with ties to many a member of [...]

May 17-18 2008

This week on State of Belief we revisit some of our favorite interviews from the first half of 2008. Congressman Jim McGovern joins host Welton Gaddy to discuss the federal budget, poverty in [...]

May 10-11 2008

Today…an Evangelical Manifesto. Yes, that’s right…Manifesto. Earlier this week, a handful of Christian scholars and leaders convened in Washington, D.C. to announce their united efforts to [...]

May 3-4, 2008

After a week in which Reverend Jeremiah Wright was everywhere, State of Belief takes a long hard look at what the well-known pastor’s recent speeches mean for America’s national [...]