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This weekend on State of Belief, host Welton Gaddy explores the economy’s impact on houses of worship.  Plus, a look at the Hebrew tradition of offering interest free loans and one journalist tells us why he thinks a new group of atheist thinkers could be as dangerous for America as the Religious Right.  Find out more!

Adelle Banks of the Religion News Service joins Welton to discuss how churches and other houses of worship are faring during these tough economic times. 

And, Welton speaks with Shana Novick, executive director of the Hebrew Free Loan Society about the faith tradition of offering interest free loans to people in need.

Plus, Chris Hedges talks about his new book, When Atheism Becomes Religion.  Chris Hedges is a former New York Times foreign correspondent and he is the author of American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America and War is A Force that Gives Us Meaning

Don’t miss comments from our listeners, as well, as we share your responses to some of our recent segments.  Want to hear your own thoughts on air? Write to us!


Religion and radio done differently – this weekend on State of Belief.



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